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About Barbara

Barbara has spent many years researching and studying different types of healing, spiritual and personal development.
She uses a fusion of the powerful new Energy Healing Methods such as EFT or Tapping with the more traditional field of Clinical Hypnotherapy, the personal change tools of NLP and Coaching and blends that with spiritual connection to your highest purpose to bring you potent healing for the 21st Century, to assist you in achieving those personal changes that you want in your life for your well- being, joy and happiness.

Barbara believes passionately in the importance of empowering people to take responsibility for their own healing processes and to this end all sessions need you, the client, to play your part by entering those sessions with the willingness to try a different way, to want to make some positive changes and with the intention and desire to have more control in your life to live the best life you can. We can work together to make this happen.

Barbara believes that we hold the key to our health, happiness and well-being with the beliefs we hold and she can help you to change beliefs that are no longer working for you.

Barbara's Qualifications and Memberships

Member of EFT International
Member of Guild of Energists
Member of General Hypnotherapy Register
Distinguished Toastmaster at Toastmasters International

Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Dip E Hyp)
Practitioner of NLP (PNLP)
Certificate in Life Coaching (CLC)

Accredited EFT Trainer, Practitioner and Supervisor with EFTi (EFT International) formerly AAMET

Licensed Energist and Mentor for Modern Energy Work , with The Guild of Energists
Reiki Master
Rehanni Celestial Healing Practitioner
Advanced Energy in Motion Practitioner
Stage 1 Sound Healing
Supermind Master

Accredited  Integral Supervisor and Hypnotherapists Peer Group Supervision Facilitator

CBT Diploma
Mindfulness Diploma
Stress Management Facilitator
Certified Hypnotherapy for Treating IBS Practitioner

Rewind Technique Certificated
Critical Incident Certificated

Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
Events Psychology Practitioner
Diploma Past Life Therapy

Some Hypnotherapy and Other Master Classes:
Pain Relief, Past Life Regression,  Persona Parts Therapy, Deep Trance Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Childbirth, Working with Children, Addictions, Sexual Abuse, Depression and Anxiety. Weight-Loss  'The Paul McKenna Masterclass Weight Loss Program
Hypnotic Gastric Band  Practitioner

NCFE Level 3 qualification: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
Toastmasters Mentor