About Sessions

All sessions are by appointment only and are all done via Zoom. Each session is personalised for you, there are no quick fix solutions but I do offer you the possibility of rapid progress providing you are prepared to commit to working together towards your own healing and personal development outcomes.

Sessions can be booked on a session by session basis however the most popular package is a 3 sessions format, where at the end of your 3 sessions we review what has been achieved then you and I can then decide if more sessions will be useful. Sometimes it will take longer than 3 sessions.

I also do a single 'Breakthrough' session which can be up to two and a half hours.

First sessions may be longer as time is needed for you to tell your story, most session are likely to be between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours.
Fees are charged per package and are payable in advance of the first session, refunds can only be given on unused sessions.