EFT Courses

EFT is a wonderfully effective and easy technique to use to help your clients resolve any emotion based issue from a phobia to a bothersome memory.

For those who wish to learn this method I can offer you training at three levels:

Level 1 is a two day course which will enable even a complete beginner to use EFT for themselves, their family and friends as a lay person.

Level 2, a two day workshop, will start the process of bringing your skills up to the level to use EFT as a professional with additional study, case studies and an exam. At the end of this process you will be an Accredited EFT Practitioner. This is does require an extended learning period to complete.

Level 3 is for those  who have been using EFT with clients but who would like to go more deeply into it to take your skill level higher still. A two day workshop leading to additional work and case studies to become an accredited advanced practitioner.

As ongoing supervision is a requirement for maintaining registration with EFTi this is something that I am also able to offer.