Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner Training

EFT is a wonderfully effective and easy technique to use to help your clients resolve any emotion based issue from a phobia to a bothersome memory.

If you wish to learn EFT to Practitioner Level I offer you certified and accredited training designed to work for those who maybe prefer to do shorter training sessions rather than a more intensive course over several days.

I offer an online based course over 8 half day modules which can be scheduled to suit you, training is available either in small groups or on a one to one basis and covers the EFT International Level 1 and 2 syllabuses. If you have no previous therapy experience it may be necessary for you to take some additional training, as whilst EFT is a simple technique to use it's application to clients issues can be more complex.

Fully certified and accredited EFT Practitioner status is gained by completing additional work including case studies, additional self learning, supervison an online multiple choice exam and registering as a member of EFTi, this does require a longer investment of time.

Level 1 may be taken by a lay person who wishes to use EFT for themselves, their family and friends but is not recognised as a practitioner qualification.

Level 1 and 2 workshops are the basis of the training that leads to a recognised practitioner qualification

Ongoing supervision is a requirement for maintaining registration with EFT International this is something that I am also able to offer.
Call Barbara and have a chat about training.