You have arrived here because you have got a medical diagnosis of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from your GP, maybe you are newly diagnosed with IBS or you have had this functional bowel condition for much longer and you are looking for some help to manage IBS with it's many disruptive and embarrassing symptoms.

Once diagnosed IBS can feel like a life sentence and you’re really left at the mercy of repeat prescriptions and perhaps a few dietary changes.

Just because there is nothing physically wrong with your organs doesn’t mean the impact of the IBS symptoms aren’t serious.

No doubt you’ll feel emotionally drained from the process you’ve just been through to diagnose Irritable Bowel Syndrome and now you need all the energy you can muster to pick yourself up and make the best of it.

It’s at this point that many people can slip into negative thoughts about IBS and withdraw from normal daily activities – the stress of which simply exacerbates the IBS and you find yourself in a catch 22.

This is where an IBS trained hypnotherapist comes in – firstly by stopping any further emotional stress and then gently using hypnotherapy to start turning things around to acknowledge, understand what’s happening and direct your energies into positively influencing the mind

Any emotional issues that underpin the IBS can be addressed and you start to take back control and see an improvement in your symptoms.

This particular hypnosis program for IBS was developed and taught by Michael Mahoney, a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Warrington who has spent many years working successfully with IBS patients.

What you need to know about Hypnotherapy for IBS

  •  NHS funded clinical trials  have proven that hypnotherapy is highly effective in alleviating all of the various IBS symptoms.

  • The Withington Hospital, Manchester put 250 patients through the trial with an astounding average improvement of 80% in their condition.

  • The study showed it had helped 71% of patients for up to 5 years after their course of treatment.

  • This unit and trails were led by Dr Peter Whorwell, a gastroenterologist.

  • He now has a dedicated full time team of hypnotherapists, fully funded by the NHS, for those patients who wish to opt for this route.

  • You deserve to  have the same opportunity to improve their quality of life and have similar effective treatment as those patients who can get referred to the Manchester outpatient unit.

  • Understand your feelings of anxiety and stress and for many a sense of hopelessness at having a condition that you've now just got to live with.

  • Sometimes people only managed to track down a hypnotherapist as a last resort after years of curtailing social activities, travel and the resultant effect on home, relationships and work.

  • It would be better to help you much earlier.

  • At Manchester ....... it  become clear that the most common factor associated with the symptoms of IBS is the interaction between the brain and the gut.

  • In fact, the stomach is often considered to be the "second brain".

  • You are probably aware of stress causing factors, such as a job interview driving test or exam, can have an effect on bowel habits.

  • This is because the mind and the body are inextricably linked and hypnotherapy is one of the therapies that can help to address this link and thus help with the physical ailment.

  • We will look at those factors which underpin your IBS as well as helping you regain  control over your body again.

  • Because IBS is a bowel function disorder there is no form of surgery that can alleviate symptoms or give you full recovery.

  • GP's however, can perhaps prescribe appropriate medication and suggest changes in diet, but because there is no physical problem to "put right", they cannot help further.

  • Although IBS is not life threatening it's no exaggeration to say that the condition greatly impacts your quality of life.

  • Emotions can roller coaster which, in turn, exacerbates the symptoms creating an uncomfortable "Catch 22" situation.

  • Hypnotherapy targets the emotions and issues as well as allowing patients to positively influence the physical mechanics of the transit of food.

  • We will look at all those factors which underpin your IBS and design your course of hypnotherapy to help you regain a healthier and more comfortable interaction between your brain and your gut.

  • The program consists of 5 sessions over a 3 month period.

  • The intervals between sessions and the timetable for listening to each of the audio recordings has been rigorously tested in clinical trials to be the best model for results and any deviation from this may reduce it's effectiveness

  • We record a full history of your symptoms before, during and after treatment, which can be sent to your GP if you wish.

  • All your sessions are completely confidential.

  • You do need to have a confirmed diagnosis from your GP before we can arrange your sessions..

 This hypnosis program is recognized under the NICE guidelines

NICE Guidelines for IBS

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