The Healing Process

The essence of all 'Healing' is the relationship and trust between the client and the practitioner which will facilitate you 'the Client'  to begin your own healing process.

That relationship is built on holding a non-judgemental space for each client, intending the best possible outcome and working with the person inside not the label on the outside.

I work with a holistic approach and that involves letting go of some of the labels that you or others have given you, the whole person is always more than their symptoms.
The influence of past experiences, big and small emotional traumas and ongoing levels of stress are often found to impact the bodies ability to regulate and heal itself.

Barbara uses a variety of modern techniques to help you achieve what you wish to achieve. She will use a combination of techniques that she feels are the best to obtain the result you desire.

Such as:


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Hypnosis is a safe and gentle way to make changes and has been used for many year to do so.

Hypnotherapy is a skilled communication aimed at directing a person’s imagination in a way that helps them elicit changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

In a typical  session the hypnotherapist and client will discuss the intended changes or therapeutic goals desired.

We will discuss relevant  previous medical history, general health and lifestyle to decide on the best way to make those goals happen.

Hypnosis may be found to be helpful for those seeking relief from a range of problems and is a collaborative process which works alongside a person’s own willpower and motivation to seek a desired goal.

It is often used to help relieve anxiety, low self esteem, confidence, aid sleeping, address attitudes to weight, and help clients achieve behavioural change to for example stop smoking.

It may also help with conditions that are exacerbated by stress and anxiety for example IBS, and can help to enhance performance in several areas for example sport and public speaking.

Hypnotherapy has proved  helpful for some people to manage and cope with chronic medically diagnosed pain.

Hypnotherapy can be used in various forms from guided imagery, mindfulness, direct suggestion, indirect suggestion and also through to Past Life Regression and Ancestral work

Hypnosis can help to resolve resistant issues and help change stuck beliefs

Some specialized hypnotherapy programs can  be found in the Drop Down Menu above


EFT, Tapping, Energy Work

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These modern, simple and powerful techniques to enable people to deal with emotional stress in its many forms and have now become a first choice therapy tool used by many different practitioners for a wide range of issues.
They can be very helpful in dealing with unpleasant and troublesome or traumatic  deep memories, and also helping to change unhelpful beliefs

Stress, anxiety, fears, addictions, phobias, all respond well to these modern techniques as does PTSD and so much more, including the accompanying emotional stresses and anxiety involved in dealing with some chronic conditions.

These methods are gentle, non-invasive and drug free and facilitate the clearance of deep emotional disturbances held in the bodies energy system.
EFT or Tapping often gets results in resistant or stuck cases and enables people to more easily to manage with strong emotions.

EFT is also now rivalling/equalling the results of EMDR, the NICE recognised method  of choice for helping deal with PTSD



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The Art of Becoming and Being the Best you can be.

Talk over your goals,  build and add structure to them to build your successful life. A Coach will help you design your plans and hold you accountable for the progress you make
Deal with your procrastination and start to achieve your ambitions and dreams.

Coaching and mentoring have often proved to be very successful in helping people from all walks of life clarify the necessary changes to improve their lives radically and to  gain confidence and improve performance in many areas.

Interestingly a Coach does not need to have a lot of knowledge of your particular field to be able to help you

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Reprogramming)
and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

view of self-knowledge

How you do what you do.
How you talk to yourself and others is incredibly important as you cannot not communicate so make sure you communicate clearly and effectively.
Change your thinking and mindset in order to change your behaviour and your communications to establish effective logical methods of thinking and develop more positive attitudes.
Particularly helpful for those who are experiencing low moods.
NLP  models excellence, it has radically changed how unwanted behaviours and phobias are treated making it quick and easy to effectively change your life for the better, it can be used without hypnosis or within an hypnosis session as can:

The Rewind Technique


This is a standard, quick and recognized method to deal with traumatic, unpleasant  memories from many different types of events and it is used extensively with clients who have  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after an extreme incident such as accidents, assaults and other seriously traumatic events.

Intuitive Soul and Spiritual Healing

Warme Sonnenstrahlen

The power of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection can accelerate personal and spiritual growth as well as healing.
With intuitive energy work  people can develop more positive beliefs thus increasing their enjoyment, happiness and creativity.
If you are a spiritual person Energy Work is a great way to increase your connection to your soul/spirit and can help you develop on your own spiritual journey.